Friday, February 28, 2014

Honest Company

Alright, I wanted to share my favourite diapers with you all! The Honest company diapers, they are chemical free and I feel like they compare to pampers which are me second favourite! 
I did the price checking and they are even cheaper then huggies which I didn't expect from a non-toxic environmental free diaper since I feel everything thats chemical free is always more expensive.
Also have I mention how cute the patterns are? You've probably seen them on Mae in her photos. I also love there healing balm, hand soap, and body wash. Needless to say I Highly Recommend there products.

You can order trials kits for just $5.95

Two Months

Well, it is hard to believe my little baby is two months already. We went for her two month check-up this morning and she is growing nicely. She seams huge compared to the little 4 lb 13 oz baby I brought home from the hospital. She is a hopping 9 lbs now! She is very long and skinny which makes fitting her into clothes hard, luckily carter makes their stuff skinner then other brands but everything still seams so wide for her.

She is smiling, real big smiles!!
She LOVES getting her diaper changes, weird kid
We finally got rid of our thrush
She loves kisses on her face and belly
She even has rolls on her legs and arms now
She has blue eyes like here Dad, but shaped like Mine 
(the colour could change though)
Her chin is exactly like her Dad's
She doesn't cry much but when she does she means it! Usually from trapped gas.
We are down to only one night feeding and then an early morning one, somehow I still feel completely sleep deprived though!

Look at those eyes, I just love how big and round they are!

I put her in some three months clothes just to see how they fit. Obviously a little big but not bad! 
Her newborn stuff fits much better though.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bed time

I was looking through my phone and found a photo Taylor must have snapped of us while I was busy reading Mae a bedtime story. It's weird seeing a picture of me in the middle of a motherhood moment. I still feel too young to have my own little family and this sweet little person I made. Can't imagine spending my time any different now!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Veggies and Recipes

Taylor and I are trying to get back to our old lifestyle of eating healthy, I tossed our whole family off this bandwagon when I was pregnant and now I am trying to get us all back on. Sneaking veggies into our meals as much as possible and cutting out gluten. I wanted to share some of my new favorites with you all!

These are seriously amazing, I am utterly in love with them! Worth the work and doesn't take too long if you have a helper grating with you (and super easy if you have a food processor)

I designed this recipe myself so that it had veggies and no breadcrumbs. It isn't perfect but very moist and full of flavor.

This recipe is full of veggies as well from but then I modified it to be healthier

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Nourishing Our Little Ones

Let me start by saying I not trying to start a debate on my blog, nor do I have anything against bottle or formula feeding a baby.


Today I turned down an invitation out with a friend because I knew it was during a time when my daughter would need to eat. And what would I do, should I pump so I can bottle feed her, do I take that cover that makes feeding my baby a complete challenge and always end up with milk down the front of me after using it. I just won't go out so I don't have to breastfeed in public, or with others around.

I find myself not wanting to go out because I am afraid of feeding my own daughter with what God gave me, yup you guessed it. BREAST!

Someone of Facebook today compared breast feeding in public to pooping in public, "we know it happens but please do it at home." I was in shock that anyone would even associate the two and then publicly voice this sad opinion. I don't want to flaunt my breast in public no, not at all, but I do want to feel socially accepted for trying to be as modest as possible while feeding my little baby. They need to eat every 2-3 hours pretty hard to ever leave the house if were always expected to do that at home now isn't it.

I agree sometime if your not expecting it seeing a women breastfeeding can shock you for a second, but I hate to think that it is looked down on. But lets all try to be a little more polite and understanding of breastfeeding mothers. 

Do I need to even point out the hypocrisy in the world today!?

So Now You Know...