Friday, February 28, 2014

Two Months

Well, it is hard to believe my little baby is two months already. We went for her two month check-up this morning and she is growing nicely. She seams huge compared to the little 4 lb 13 oz baby I brought home from the hospital. She is a hopping 9 lbs now! She is very long and skinny which makes fitting her into clothes hard, luckily carter makes their stuff skinner then other brands but everything still seams so wide for her.

She is smiling, real big smiles!!
She LOVES getting her diaper changes, weird kid
We finally got rid of our thrush
She loves kisses on her face and belly
She even has rolls on her legs and arms now
She has blue eyes like here Dad, but shaped like Mine 
(the colour could change though)
Her chin is exactly like her Dad's
She doesn't cry much but when she does she means it! Usually from trapped gas.
We are down to only one night feeding and then an early morning one, somehow I still feel completely sleep deprived though!

Look at those eyes, I just love how big and round they are!

I put her in some three months clothes just to see how they fit. Obviously a little big but not bad! 
Her newborn stuff fits much better though.

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