Friday, September 13, 2013

24 Weeks

I know I don't look that big but it is hard for me to imagine this baby growing even more. It pains me to think about how big I will probably get when my belly is taking a toll on me already! But non the less I am totally in love with this little one and I am very nervous, and excited for her to come flip my whole world upside down. I am getting nesty and questioning my ability of being a good mother but I know I will do my best.

How far along are you? 24 weeks

Maternity Clothes? Can't go without them!

Sleep: Not going to well, napping has also been unsuccessful when I get the chance.

Best moments: Feeling her kick a couple times in a row I love it.

Missing anything? Mostly sleep and Jimmy John's! I could eat one everyday if I was allowed.

Movement? Yes! Mostly when I am laying on my back before bed late at night, or early in the morning.

Food Cravings: Nothing specific.

Queasy or Sick? Only when I get too hungry, or I smell something gross.

Gender: Having a girl!!

Symptoms: Hungry all the time, exhausted in an unexplainable way. My hips and back ache and I have lots of pain in my abdomen from all my insides being squished. It's hard to believe this baby is going to get bigger.
Maybe not a true symptom but: I am also baby obsessed I can't think of anything else and I am always sewing something for her lately. 

Belly Button in or Out? In, but getting shallow!

Happy or Moody? Emotional, I'm a ticking time bomb for crying.

Looking Forward to: Going home to Canada for the first time in a year next month! It will be fun to see my family and friends again.

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