Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Sincere Question

I have just been over flowing with emotion these past weeks and have to share just a little so I don't burst at the seams. I hope I'm not the only one that feels like this sometime.

"Once a women carries a baby, her life will be altered forever." 
- Sharri Wittwer

In such a short time when pregnant we had this powerful bond and love for our child, each other and felt waiting for the blessing to come was worth the wait. We had built and planned this whole future and vision of our life in the near future which was soon shattered in one tragic event. My heart is still broken and my love only seems to grow stronger for that baby I was carrying. I wish there was some magic words that would help me heal or "move-on" but so far I have found the most comfort in the words...

"How are YOU?"

I have only have one person in the past month or two sincerely come to me and ask me how I was doing, or coping with the recent events. Such powerful words! Knowing that someone is still thinking of me and wanting to know that I was doing okay meant so much. Next time you see someone struggling or hear of them going through a hard time try asking this and listening. It will probably be the best way that you can help is to just truly care about them.
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