Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our New Home


$0.25 From the D.I. some help from the hubby and some new cute Chevron Art

Aqua and Mustard Accents

This is a magnet board I made for the inside of the cupboard


Our Laundry Closet - On the right I have my daily/weekly cleaning schedule


My favourite thing about the bathroom is the tall counter tops and exposed wood frame around the mirror


Sewing Room:

Little sewing nook in the second bedroom

Living Room:

Hopefully in two weeks we will have our new couch (Costco is paying us back for this broken one) and will do some revamping on the living room but for now this is what we have.


This is the dining room this is what you see from the front door

The Front Door

Our little nook

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janetina said...

Martha your home looks so inviting and put together! Good work! Love the turquoise accents everywhere? What color will the ottoman be?