Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Rockies Game

My new Boss gave me two tickets to the Rockies baseball game. Little history: Taylor has been talking about taking me to a Rockies game since we very first met two years ago. I actually remember thinking weird I don't even know if I like this guy yet and he is talking about taking me to a baseball game where his parents live? Haha funny how things turn out, the first time I came to visit the game was rained out and we missed out chance.

So Taylor and I finally got our chance of going to the Rockies game, but this time on the VIP Level, it was a separate inclosed level that you had to have tickets for with really yummy expensive food and heated if you got cold while down in your covered seats. It was such a fun date night and we only have to pay for our Nachos!

We really are loving it in Colorado, I would prefer to never leave!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My Mom called me today and said, "You're finally not a teenager."
It is true, I am finally out of my teens I am wishing this will decrease the eye balls rolling and falling out of people heads when they find out I am married haha

We may be married and all "mature" living off in another country fending for ourselves but thankfully we still have a blast together.

I hit the jackpot with the gifts from my Honey and I once again made the famous, Raspberry Lime Cloud Cupcakes and they were amazingly delicious 

I got...

Tickets to Swan Lake

Boat Shoes

And a Love Letter

After much anticipation, I'm so excited to unveil our brand new website! In addition to the bigger, bolder, more beautiful photography, the site has technical wizardry baked right in (features like enhanced navigation, a simplified check out process, wishlists & better sharing capabilities are where "geek meets chic!") Visit the site today and let us know what you think!

And when you find yourself Ooooing and Awwwing over almost all the jewelry then it might be time to check it out over here.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Pre-Birthday Dinner at Benihana's after a long sweaty day at work, do nice not to cook or clean tonight.
My Birthday gift is just taunting me on the kitchen table, excited to see what it is tomorrow :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Infinity Scarf

Navy Infinity Scarf - $0
I Love It!

Ladies this is so simple and such a stellar way to add new winter accessories without spending a dime!

I took an old knit shirt from Target cut the top off.

Double rolled the edge, and sewed it!

With a strip off the top I made a rosette, and glued it to the scarf!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Infinity Scarf

Some of you may remember this scarf from Earlier posts. Super functional scarves, they don't get in the way and they are much easier to fit under jackets. I really love them, my mother made me these two and they are so simple. I have conjured up some material and plans to make some of my own very soon!

If you love these Infinity scarves like I do, but don't want to spend the $15-$45 on them. Stayed tuned! I will be turning a couple of my old shirts into new functional scarves :)


My Husband does so much for me and supports me in all my silly girlish dreams and lets me drive him crazy! And Boy is it Appreciated. Taylor is letting me go to a Stella & Dot bootcamp this weekend and I am really excited I will be on of the first to see the new Christmas line before it releases.

(Guess this means I should watch football this Sunday :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011


One Day I came home with a surprise for Taylor. 
A Big Surprise!

He was completely shocked, it was very successful.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One Year, Eternity to Go!


September 4th 2010

Taylor and I made it one year, and what an amazing thing to celebrate and we sure did have fun doing it! Now a little back ground, Taylor and I still have not had out honeymoon (it's in planning right now), and every time we have any time off school or work we visit family, and I mean every! We had never actually gone anywhere ALONE together!! Crazy after one year of marriage that we still hadn't gone away together, and we finally got the chance. And Boy was it amazing!!

We arrived at my Dads Condo that he lend us for the occasion in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We started off with Gifts and some Sparkling Juice, we really spoiled each other and it was fun.

They Next day we went to Banff, Alberta, Canada. Go it's amazing!
We walked around main street and picked up some maple fudge and bear claws.

This is a sneak peak on the inside of the condo. This was the room we strayed in and yes that chandelier is made out of twigs!

This is the most amazing part of the condo. The view! This glass wall slides open to show the Three Sisters Mountains and it is honestly the most peaceful breathtaking place I have ever been.

Then we went off to the Hot Springs. With once again such a great view, really you can't go anywhere without in this area.

One of Taylor's favourite parts was driving the Infinity, his dream car through the woods!

The is Banff Springs Hotel, or some call it a Castle as you can see why. Inside in all marble, they have a movie theatre, bowling ally, you name it, a little shopping mall in the basement it is huge.

An Elk

We went for Romantic Walks through the woods, it was very cold up in the mountains

We really did just have a blast Celebrating together, all the stress of the summer was left behind and we spent these two days together falling in Love all over again.

Best Service in Town :)

Off the a Fancy dinner - Which was the most impeccable food we had ever tasted. AAA Alberta Beef  Tenderloin, with Panko Crusted Mash Potato Cakes, Salad and Creme Brulee. They even brought us Sorbet to cleanse our pallet in between courses. Exquisite!

This is my "I am so in Love with you I can't even contain my Joy!" Face.

Then we went off to Echo Lake Montana to spend the rest of the time with my Parents, surfing :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Taylor and I did the most thrilling thing together! We went to Lake Tahoe and went Parasailing. After having a panic attack up in the air because I was afraid to drop the camera I handed it off to Taylor and then after that I got over my fear it was, breathtaking!! 

1400 ft in the air! It was surprisingly so peaceful up in the air, it was one of the funnest things Taylor and I have done together! If you ever have the chance to go Parasailing, take it. I am pretty picky about what I will spend my money on and this was worth it!!

And a little bit of an embarrassing video