Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rock and Roll!

Mae rolled over today! She has been getting so close for the last couple weeks and finally got all the way over!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5 Months

This little girl is 5 months old today. Also I realize I can't spell the word month or as I spell it mothns but guess what, hopefully you didn't even notice cuz she's so cute!! It is crazy how times goes by so fast, but at the same time I can't imagine a time without Mae in our lives. She is really filling out, she looks huge compared to her one month photos. She has lots of nice rolls and a plump round face that I kiss a million times a day.

loves to stand
usually sleeps for 6 hours straight at night
love chatting it up at night
little wiggly worm
love to try and roll over but can't seam to get her arm out of the way
she loves to eat her feet
she whines when we kiss her toooo much which happens often
she has figured out how to wiggle to a different spot on the floor not far though
she is super smiley and giggly when we play with her

Big update is she started teething, yikes, she is a little fussy. Always rubbing her gums together or with toys, drooling like crazy. I'm sure we won't see any actual teeth for a while but the process has started!

Mae was having what our paediatrician thought might be seizures, at first we weren't too worried about them but after two months she 2 in one day. So off to the pediatric neurologist we went, he said she looked perfectly healthy but wanted to do an EEG to make sure her brain was functioning properly.  It was a pretty intense test, they hooked her up to 22 electrodes and then let her sleep and at the end put a strobe light in front of her face to try and induce weird brain activity or a seizure. All her tests came back perfectly normal so for now we are going to keep enjoying our perfect little daughter and follow up with the specialist if the episodes get more intense.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This little Piggy

Mae found her toes last week and I just love watching her play with them. She loves trying to get them in her mouth, so far only successful once but I'm sure soon she'll literally put a foot in her mouth! I love her so much in hurts my heart, I have been so weepy these past few days thinking about a fellow blogger who lost her son. Every moment with this little ones counts and I feel so blessed to have the time that I do with her. I have a hard time not being afraid she might be taken away from me too soon. I pray that doesn't happen and my heart goes out to all who have experienced a loss like that.